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Dear fellow upper class members,

The ocean is filled with wonderful possibilities. Treasure-filled trash bags; glimmering glass bottles and cozy, moldy couches.  But what do you do with all that?  How can this likable litter become great again. Become what's in again. Become that again.

Introducing: Litter Baya Yucky Junk Jet Games initiative.

Litter Bay is our take on heavenly fun on earth, and the latest in our line of recreational services. Use the latest, patent pending de-littering drone tech to clear a tricky  track in the water to challenge your best frienemy to jet-ski through, all while they do the same for you!

Will you be the one winning a certified Litter Trophy Supreme?

The Litter Bay Sports Game

Our formidable game is divided into two phases. First phase is the Litter Clean-Out Phase: This phase is all about cleaning up trash from the water, making a difficult route for your adversary to the Victory Buoy placed in the center of the bay. However, this is not a pointless round - being the first at the goal will gain you points steadily until your opponent arrive as well. Be strategic!

The second phase is the Trace Race, where you speed through the area again, but this time on your jet-ski following the route laid out by your opponent. Similarly, the first player at the goal will receive points until the other player's arrival. Be fast!

Let the games begin!

NOTE: Works best at 1920x1080 resolution

The Controls

The game is played on keyboard. Controls are the same across both phases, however handing is different from each other.

In phase 1: The drone can either move forward or turn, but not both at the same time.

In phase 2: The jet-ski can turn and move at the same time.

Turn counter clock-wiseLeft Arrow
Turn clock-wiseRight Arrow
Move forwardUp Arrow

ATurn counter clock-wise
DTurn clock-wise
WMove forward

The Team

This game has been developed by Yucky Junk Jet Games for the Nordic Game Jam 2019. The team consist of:

  • Mathias Hedelund Larsen
  • Mikey Bruun Andersen
  • Peter Witt Jørgensen
  • Simon Bech Jensen
  • Simon Erslev Milfred
  • Vanessa Semkuroto Larsen

Hope you enjoy our game!

Yucky Junk Jet Games


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